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Dear Friends,

As you may be aware that Smt. LeelawatiMahilaBalJagruktaSevaSamiti, a duly registered non-profit organization was set up in the year 2010 with the aims and objectives inter alia to provide assistance to children and families struggling in extreme terrible poverty.  It also aims to impart the necessary education to children who are the most vulnerable and marginalized given the nature and extent of their needs to lead an oriented life.  Every child has the right to live and lead a healthy life, gain education and information.

We also work for the underprivileged children and we provide food, shelter, clothes and take care of the education of these children. Our foundation relies on the donations that we receive from different sources.We also hold many events and activities round the year with an aim to raise funds so that we can keep helping the children in their future continuously.

As the winter season is approaching near, a survey conducted by our team indicates that a sizeable number of poor people do not have proper place to live and their children are left to spend nights with the roadside of the main roads with no proper woollen or blankets on their heads under chilly nights.  Every year, our society takes the lead and move forward to provide shelter by distributing clothes and blankets for their protection.

We are fortunate enough that we have roof on our head, clothes to wear and have a decent living style A good amount of clothes lie untouched in our wardrobes. Why dump them when there are millions of under-privileged people in this world struggling to get enough bread to live for the next day. Please donate your old clothes to orphanages or old age homes. We can provide for them, we can make their smiles less painful.

Therefore, it is ourearnest appeal to my all friends who are in position to help these under-privileged class of people who are spending their nights on footpath shivering in really cold indian winter. Instead of throwing away your old clothing, passing them on to the poor is a beneficial way to help others.It is our sincere appeal to all of you to donate unused clothes blankets, sweaters,mufflers, warm caps , warm socks, shoes etc because the satisfaction & happiness you will get after this will be priceless.

This act of kindness will be highly appreciated. We are appealing you to contribute to this noble cause. This small action of yours is hugely beneficial to the poor children around you.

We thank you for your kind attention and look forward for your help.


Bank Name : Dena Bank , Saket

Account No : 130410036224