The World Bank reported in 2002, that one episode of hospitalisation is estimated to account for 58% of per capita expenditure pushing 2.2% of the population below the poverty line. Even more disconcerting is the fact that 40% of those hospitalised had to borrow money or sell off assets. Often this leads to families losing their primary earning source – the family’s agricultural land. It is not just the treatment cost. Lost wages, travel, and time of family members to care for the sick all take a toll. A 2004 State Government report found that health expenditures had been significant in causing indebtedness of farmers, which in turn was a proximate cause of farmers’ suicides.

Akhil Bhartiya smt. Leelavati Mahila Bal Jagrukta Samaj Kalyan Samiti rural health initiative:

  • Increased health awareness and education to address preventive care – resulting in    village savings.
  • Decrease in health risks and mortality because of regular health check ups.
  •  Villagers benefited as risk is covered to prevent drainage of capital.
  • Individual franchisee investment to create ownership and ease community’s health    access.
  • Risk covered for insurance companies.
  • Database of registered villagers maintained at the kiosks for further future reference.
  • Creation of a standardized network through which additional services and modes of    delivery (through technology) can be tested and delivered.